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Monday, January 21, 2008

This week's 30 pack

For the first time this year, the TCHB and coaches' polls (and we assume the AP poll, when it comes out) have the same team at No. 1.
Memphis was an easy choice for us last week, but the Tigers are a much easier choice this week, after North Carolina stumbled to a one-point win (which we judge almost as harshly as a one-point loss) to Georgia Tech, then lost at home to Maryland.
Kansas keeps rolling along, and as the only team other than Memphis to remain undefeated, is an easy choice for No. 2.
With all the upsets that took place over the weekend, the rest of the top 30 has all sorts of teams moving either way up or way down in the rankings. Some teams, like Georgetown, might have moved down after losses, but stayed where they are because so many other teams also lost. Some teams, like Pitt, would have moved way up because of a marquee win, but didn't move as high because of a bad loss later in the week. Others still, like UConn, would have suffered a fatal blow because of an awful loss, only to bounce back with a big win to move up in the rankings.
Here they are, with last week's ranking in parentheses:
1. Memphis (1)
2. Kansas (3)
3. Tennessee (6)
4. Duke (8)
5. UCLA (4)
6. North Carolina (2)
7. Washington State (7)
8. Michigan State (5)
9. Indiana (11)
10. Georgetown (9)
11. Wisconsin (19)
12. St. Mary's (12)
13. Drake (16)
14. Vanderbilt (23)
15. Butler (17)
16. Texas A&M (11)
17. Pitt (18)
18. Dayton (10)
19. Mississippi (15)
20. Texas (21)
21. Louisville (25)
22. UMass (30)
23. West Virginia (24)
24. Gonzaga (NR)
25. Villanova (28)
26. UConn (29)
27. Marquette (14)
28. Clemson (26)
29. Rhode Island (22)
30. Xavier (20)
Dropped out: Notre Dame (from 27th)


Anonymous scott apuzzo said...

This is just my own personal opinion. I think a one loss UNC team is better than a one loss Tennessee team. So I would have UNC ranked higher, but that is obvsiously debateable since Tennessee has the highest RPI in the country.

Also I like St. Mary's getting some props in your poll(because I am a mid-major type of guy), but they are not in top 25 AP Poll and 24 in the coaches poll. Despite the high RPI and the 15-2 record you should probably rank them in the 20s like the coaches poll has them. They might be too high here.

Lets get Baylor in this poll. The new coach there has obviously done a good job rebuilding the progrum and they are 2nd in the Big 12. A 15-2 record and close loss to Wash St. should get them into this poll by now.

Get out and go see: St. Peters @ Fairfield, @ the legendary Alumni Hall, probably a bias statement right now, but here it is, loudest arena in Division I basketball.
Predicition: Take Fairfield laying the 7 points to St. Peter's
Final Score: 72-60

Try to do better the next time.

January 21, 2008 at 5:10 PM 
Blogger Toomerdog said...

Hey Scott...
You must be a member of the Department of Redundancy Department.......or you have a lot of words you need to use up in your life, so you are wasting some now because....
Only you, can have your opinion. So you don't need to modify the noun with "my" or "personal", unless of course you have an impersonal opinion, in which case I would not share it on blog...being that it is an upstanding blog.
Having said that (gotten the non sports stuff out of the way) You are right about UNC versus TN...and it was a bad UNC weekend...for mens and womens's teams! But rather now than later.

As to the writer of this blog and the Patriots!!!......All signs point to a much better game than the current 13.5 point spread. As a bettor, take the Giants, leave the points. As a fan...take the Giants. Remember, the Giants are undefeated this year on neutral (London) fields!....and they are on the top of their game! Go Giants!

January 22, 2008 at 10:54 AM 
Anonymous Scott Apuzzo said...

Fair point there buddy, however I am not an English major, nor do I review my comments before posting because this is a blog, not a newspaper where my work gets edited. I just want to get my points across, mainly dealing with sports topics while not caring about grammatical errors. Sports Illustrated will not be walking through that door for me. Thanks for the time.

January 22, 2008 at 4:07 PM 
Blogger Zach said...

Here's a factoid for ya:

Of the 24 states set to vote in the Super Tuesday primaries, only 6 have a team currently in your top 30! Such "power" Super Tuesday states as Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, and Arizona aren't represented! Could this be the year of the "mid-major" states? Tennessee has three teams in the top-15 alone! Glory on high, thats a lot!

January 22, 2008 at 9:57 PM 

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