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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Elise Young still standing ... an interesting three-game slate

Not only is Elise Young still standing after the second elimination on A Double Shot at Love, the sharpshooting former Fairfield guard got some camera time in last night's episode.

There's no question the more girls remaining on the show, the better TV and the better blog material. But even if that wasn't the case, I'd be rooting for the girls because of the absurd group of guys MTV picked to put on the show.

It's almost like the TV execs wanted to convince America that all men are roided-up, over-confident loudmouth idiots intent on doing nothing but shouting nonsense at people and getting into shoving matches.

One of those guys was ranting on about the superiority of the male gender and told a group of girls that "two plus two equals four" and science says men are better. Or something like that. I'd have to go back to the tape to get the exact quote, and I didn't tape the show, so that's a problem.

In any case, Elise, sitting on a couch and apparently amused by the absurdity of the situation, laughs at the guy and points out the equation the guy spouted out is an example of math, not science.

The Ikki twins wisely decided to eliminate three guys and only one girl, leaving Elise standing as we head into Episode 3 next week.

Now, for some basketball.

There are three MAAC games on the schedule and all of them are interesting for one reason or another. I'm blogging live from Tom Gola Arena in Philly, where Rider is set to take on La Salle.

As I noted in the preview in today's paper, only one of the Explorers' eight games -- a 70-59 loss to Big 5 rival Villanova on Sunday -- has been decided by more than 10 points. Even against No. 2 UConn at the Paradise Jam, the Explorers hung in there and lost by only eight. But on the flip side, they haven't blown anyone out either, so don't expect this one to get out of hand.

Were I dumb enough to place a bet, I'd take La Salle to cover. But I also picked the Rutgers football team to beat North Carolina, then sat in astonishment as the Tar Heels won 44-12 earlier this year.

A very strange side note about this game: tip-off isn't scheduled for another hour, but according to the scoreboard on, Vernon Goodridge has already hit a 3-pointer to put La Salle on the board. When I saw that, I walked over to Rider sports information director Bud Focht and told him if Goodridge really does hit a 3 to open the game, I'll be really, really, really creeped out.

The other two MAAC teams in action -- Canisius and Siena -- are both on the road against Big East teams that are ranked in the top 11.

Canisius probably doesn't have much of a chance at No. 11 Syracuse, but it'll be interesting to see how the Cuse responds to the shocking loss it suffered last week when it was done in by a Cleveland State buzzer-beater from half court.

And Siena?

I'd be pretty surprised if the Saints knocked off No. 3 Pitt on the road, but I'm very interested to see how they play and whether they can keep it close. Siena has had several opportunities to show what it can do against some of the best teams in the country. The Old Spice Classic provided a few of them, and Fran McCaffer's team dissappointed. Playing Oklahoma State was another, and the Saints came up short there too.

Tonight's game will be televised nationally on ESPN2, so the country will get a good look at what's supposed to be the MAAC's best.

Lastly, since there seems to be some interest in this Iraqi shoe controversy, check out this video of White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, who was apparently injured during the commotion.


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